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We provide experts in a wide range of  areas. Our unique model of providing a combination of  onshore an offshore consultants helps reducing the overall cost of the any projects while retaining the best quality.

Some of our best selling services are:


Services including developing models, system implementation including product development, software testers, reporting, process improvements, project management, data analysis, predictive modelling, python or R projects ,solution architect, system design, used of advanced analytics in pricing, underwriting and detection of and data scientist


Our team is highly immersed in the financial issues of IFRS17, and can help you to  identify the gaps in your ability to respond to the regulatory change. As insurance specialists, we’ll also help you understand the wider business impacts and implications so that you can focus your efforts where it matters the most.

Life and Non-Life

We have a team of experts in the areas of:

Non- Life Insurance which includes the areas such as Reserving, Pricing, Risk and Solvency II, Capital Modelling, Advanced Analytics and Telematics

Life Insurance: Product development, financial reporting including Solvency II and IFRS17, reinsurance, cash flow modelling, valuations and reporting

Finance Consulting

Expertise in Risk Advisory, Consulting, Corporate Finance and Management Services.

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