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AInsurCo’s vision is to provide businesses with actuarial, finance and insurtech specialists and create win-win situations. Being in the forefront of digitalisation ourselves we understand the requirements of our clients and will be able to help businesses to find the right talent, guide resources and help in delivering the project on time.

AInsurCo provides you with on demand high calibre resources based on your requirements and flexibility .

We have a global pool of highly skilled experts ranging from actuaries to insurtech specialists. We provide you with resources to meet the ever changing demand of the growing Insurtech Industry.

We pride in ourselves to be as flexible as the requirement of the client and that could mean you could get a one-one resource, or a team of experts both local and off-shore or a specialist outsourced consultant providing you services for few hours. This means that you do not need a large group of permanent full time employees to grow and adapt new ideas. 

AInsurCo gives the flexibility to the companies to explores the resources they need from virtually anywhere at anytime.So you can tap on the highly skilled resources from emerging market to fulfill your needs

We have a rigorous application process where each application is individually selected and interviewed by us to provide you with highest level of quality and service.

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